A hydraulic 6 DOF for 5,000 lb payloads using the Fourier Terms interface.
6 DOF with radome using Fourier Interface for Sea State testing.
Hydraulic 6 DOF with 360 of Continuous Yaw demonstrating Fourier Terms and Sea States
Hydraulic 6 DOF testing Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Electric 6 DOF test
Hydraulic 6 DOF used for human factors testing during severe turbulence
6 DOF testing with "Dirt 3" racing game for an Alfa Romeo simulator.
Electric 3 DOF motion simulator demonstrating Fourier Terms.
2 DOF Demo with Fourier Interface
2 DOF joystick test
The world's first jet ski motion simulator with 5D effects.
Ohio Watercraft News Story (jetski simulator)
Downhill skiing motion simulator.
Cessna 172 G1000 with 5-channel visual system.
X4 4-seat simualtor test
"Thunder Island" racing game developed by InMotion
3 DOF dual gun platforms for the Royal Navy

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