Hardware Upgrades
Software Upgrades

InMotion can upgrade other motion rides not manufactured by us. Many of the systems that we upgrade are older and use proprietary controllers that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer. InMotion has upgraded many simulators with the latest hardware and software technology using mostly off-the-shelf components. This makes it easier for new ridefilms to be programmed and for our customers to not have to rely on components that are no longer being produced.

InMotion has experience with upgrading the Doron, Morphis, and ESP simulators.

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Hardware Upgrades
Tasks Performed
  • Removing Existing Hardware
  • Installing Off-The-Shelf Hardware
  • Installing New Software
Doron SRV

The Doron SRV is a 15-seat 3 axis motion simulator and has been around for many years. The SRV can be found in parks, FECs, tourist attractions, museums, promotions and special events. The original SRV used projectors and later laser disks. Our Doron upgrades allow the use of MPG or AVI movies with the latest digital controllers for easy programming. After one upgrade we did our customer told us that the performance was better than they had ever seen.

Below are photos of the original hardware which contains parts no longer available. In about two days InMotion can replace all the hardware with off-the-shelf non-proprietary components.

Software Upgrades
Interface Functions
  • Syncs the motion with the movie
  • Manual controls
  • PID and performance tuning
  • Monitors e-stops and other I/O
Doron and Morphis Interfaces

Our ridefilm interface would replace your existing software and runs on most any version of Windows.

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