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Software Interfaces
Onsite Consulting
Motion Programming Is Our Expertise

InMotion Simulation has been consulting with simulator-based companies internationally since 1999. Our area of expertise is in motion cueing software and we continue to assist companies in programming their simulators no matter if it's hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric. Below you will find more information on our consulting fees and our clientele.

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Customers Who Have Hired Us
Programmed hydraulic 6 DOF motion simulator for the "Speed Racer" movie
Programmed a Moog 6 DOF for a helicopter simulator
Programmed hydraulic 6 DOF motion simulator for B-737 cabin evaculation training
Programmed 3 DOF motion simulator for flight training
Programmed a hydraulic and pneumatic space shuttle simulator for a TV show ("Space Cadets")
Programmed various 3 DOF motion simulators for entertainment
Programmed a 6 DOF for the US Coast Guard
Programmed a pneumatic 3 DOF 25-passenger motion simulator
Programmed and upgraded four 2 DOF Cyber Fighter motion simulators

Ridefilm Programming Rates
Programming Ridefilms
  • 2 DOF: $1,000 per ridefilm minute
  • 3 DOF: $1,500 per ridefilm minute
  • 6 DOF: $2,000 per ridefilm minute

We have programmed ridefilms for customers all around the world using our Waveform Editor which allows us to program a motion database for any type of video (MPEG, AVI, etc). By using a joystick to record the motion, a graph is created which can later be fine tuned with a mouse. The data can then be saved into a database and played with our ridefilm interface.

Software Interfaces
Software Interfaces
  • 2 DOF Ridefilm Interface $3,000
  • 3 DOF Ridefilm Interface $5,000
  • 6 DOF Ridefilm Interface $7,500
  • Waveform Editor License (optional)

No matter your application, we can customize your software interface per your requirements. Even if you did not purchase your simulator from us, we can help you with your software needs.

Onsite Consulting
Consulting Rates
  • $2,000 per day, min $6,000 per trip
  • First or Business-Class seating on flights
  • All traveling expenses paid for

Mark Barry has been programming simulators since 1990. He was one of the first to extract telemetry data from off-the-shelf games.

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